How to Trade Your Tickets

Ticket Timeshare is a free site available to season ticket holders of all kinds. Our goal is to provide a platform that allows you, as a season ticket holder, to trade some of your season tickets for another member's. For example, do you have season tickets for basketball but would like to go to a hockey game? Ticket Timeshare allows you to search for hockey season ticket holders and offer a trade: tickets to one of your games for tickets to one of theirs.


All we require is a valid email address and password. It's that easy. It's fast and just as importantly, it's free.

Post Tickets

Create a post offering your tickets that you would like to make available for trade. Your post can specifically state what tickets you are looking to trade for, or be more general if you are open to all offers.

Search Tickets

Search all available ticket offers and requests from other Ticket Timeshare members.


Your Tickets. Your Terms. Negotiate the terms of your ticket trade and exchange directly through