Terms & Conditions

Ticket Timeshare Terms and Conditions

  1. TicketTimeShare.com provides an online forum for trading tickets. The tickets are offered by Members and not by TicketTimeSare.com.
  2. If you wish to trade tickets on TicketTimeShare.com, you must agree to our terms by selecting the "I accept..." option when registering. Failure to do so will result in you not being able to negotiate ticket trades.
  3. Before listing tickets you should carefully read any contracts that you have entered into that may limit your right to trade your tickets.
  4. "Trade" is defined as an exchange of tickets by two TickeTimeShare.com users with or without a balancing cash element being payable by one party to the other.
  5. Members recognize and accept that they bear sole responsibility for the content of all tickets posted on the TicketTimeShare.com and the Member hereby indemnifies TicketTimeShare.com in the event that the tickets are considered unacceptable material.
  6. TicketTimeShare.com retains the right to refuse to post any unacceptable content.
  7. TicketTimeShare.com reserves the discretion to withdraw any content from the site without prior notice.
  8. Any Member abusing this site by continually posting inapropriate content will have their postings and site memberships removed at the discretion of TicketTimeShare.com.
  9. Members agree that the content posted relate only to the Ticket and not to any other matter, and will not include links to other websites.
  10. Members hereby warrant to TicketTimeShare.com that they are at least eighteen years of age and legally able to enter into contracts.
  11. TicketTimeShare.com is not liable to the Members in the event that any money agreed to as part of a trade does not reach the other Member.
  12. TicketTimeShare.com is not liable to the Members in the event that the a trading partner does not have good legal title to the ticket or is not entitled to transfer the ticket.
  13. TicketTimeShare.com is not liable to the Members in the event that a ticket is a counterfeit.
  14. TicketTimeShare.com is not responsible if a ticket is not delivered to a Member. That is the responsibility of the Members involved.
  15. Members authorize TicketTimeShare.com to use any information which it submits via registration to inform them of special offers and for other marketing and related purposes by selecting "Email me to inform me about deals and specials for TTS Members" during the registration process.
  16. Members recognize and accept that they are fully responsible for all actions taken under their chosen User ID and password on completion of registration. Members shall only use or utilize the site using their own login information.
  17. Members will not transfer, share or sell their login information to any other person or persons.
  18. TicketTimeShare.com will make reasonable attempts to exclude viruses from our site and servers, though cannot ensure such exclusion and no liability is accepted for viruses.
  19. TicketTimeShare.com is not responsible for the direct or indirect consequences of a Member linking to any other website from TicketTimeShare.com.